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Record of past events.Ascension Day!!  Thursday 21st May 2020

What does that mean?? Well quite simply, Jesus was on earth for 40 days after his resurrection. During this time he appeared to the disciples many times and to hundreds of other people. But at the end of this period, Jesus was taken up into heaven, he ascended to heaven, where he now sits on the right hand of The Father.
One of our members, Barry Gotts, has been writing a daily lesson during the month of May and today he expands on this matter of ascension:
"Today is what’s known as ascension day – the 40th day after Easter Sunday and when we read the account of what happened that day I was particularly reminded of three recorded dramatic events in the gospels of heaven and earth in close proximity.  The first was when Jesus was baptised and the Holy Spirit descended as a dove on His head. A voice spoke from heaven saying, “This is My Son in whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew: 3 17)  The second is the transfiguration where Jesus went up into the mountain to pray and was joined by Moses and Elijah. The conversation overheard by the disciples concerned Jesus going into Jerusalem to die in accordance with God’s salvation plan. Again, God’s voice came from heaven declaring Jesus as His Son with the command to listen to what Jesus had to say. (Luke: 9 28 – 36)  And now on Ascension Day we read in Mark: 16 vs 19, “When the Lord Jesus had finished talking with them he was taken up into heaven and sat down in the place of honour at God’s right hand.” In the account in Acts it mentions the disciples seeing two men in white who had this message for them, “Men of Galilee, why are you standing here staring at the sky? Jesus has been taken away from you into heaven. And someday, just as you saw him go, he will return!” (Acts: 1 6 – 11)  Three occasions when heaven was in direct contact with earth. The first was God’s anointing and confirmation of the ministry Jesus was about to embark on. The second appears to be confirmation of God’s plan for the redemption of His people through the death of Jesus at Calvary. And the third was the confirmation of the finished work of Jesus on earth and his elevation to His rightful position of honour.  Now we have the Holy Spirit to meet us in those same ways. First, as we come to belief in Jesus as Lord, our ministry is confirmed and there is rejoicing in heaven. Secondly, as we pray we are met by the spirit to encourage, strengthen and confirm our journey of faith, and fellow Christians encourage us too. And thirdly, we are confirmed as children of the living God and are seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father. (Our own ascension day you might say! Certainly it’s the time heaven meets earth for us."

The LOFT. Now closed due to Coronavirus until further notice


Wow, we must be doing something right!! Our last Loft on 23rd January 2020 saw 32 children attending. That's a record attendance and we were so pleased to know these children enjoy coming along. We had two Wii consoles on the go, together with an Xbox 360, remote control cars, Jenga indoor football, games and that was just downstairs!!  The upstairs pool, table tennis, air hockey and craft table were also very popular. 

We were blessed in 2019 by the donation of equipment from the Bunwell Youth Club. Sadly, during 2018, this youth club closed its doors. It was called The Drop Zone, and was held at Bunwell Village Hall. They decided it was time to dispose of their equipment and gave The Loft a chance to have some items. We now have some bean bags, lots of Wii equipment and a lovely big air hockey table, which will replace our old one which has seen better days, plus other bits and pieces. So we'd like to thank Richard Hoolahan and all the The Drop Zone team for thinking of us. The equipment will be much appreciated by our youngsters.

  (Don’t forget the Loft is always the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, during term time) See you there.

 We  primarily accept children in school year 3 (aged 7) through to school year 7 (aged 12)  We’ve done this because we’re aware that in both Bunwell and Carleton Rode Schools Year 3 and Year 4 are in the same class, so some children are already friends and may wish to attend together. Please tell parents the news and we’ll be ready to accept our new members.