Below are a variety of photographs taken of our Church, our clubs and our members. We hope you enjoy them.

Mark and Church

This is our previous Pastor, Mark Taylor, and his family with some of our members and guests on Mark's final day at our Church.

This photo was taken from the Chapel at Sunset in November 2020


sunset at chapel Feb 2021

loft outside

Another sunset at the Chapel Feb 2021

Here are some of the children attending the loft and playing games outside.

Sunset 1

This photograph was taken at sunset in November 2018 from outside the coffee shop looking south west.

The Loft Christmas Party 2018

Below are some images from our Loft Christmas Party 2018.

Loft Christmas party 2018

Lot Christmas party 2

Loft Christmas party 3

December 2018 Christmas Carol Service

Tonight, Sunday 16th December, we held our Christmas Carol Service at the Bunwell Village Hall. We had a great attendance to a lovely Carol Service with solo performances, a puppet show and music from our worship band. 

Carol Service at the Bunwell Village Hall

The Loft - January 2019

This week at The Loft, the children enjoyed a variety of activities from table tennis, to Arts & Crafts and playing the latest electronic games.

Table tennis at The Loft

Arts & Crafts at The Loft

Ars & Crafts at The Loft

The latest electronic games at The Loft

To find out more about The Loft and when we meet, click this link. We would love to see more children join us at The Loft. 

If you are interested in coming along or have a question, please contact us by clicking on this link.

Sunday Family service 13th January

his service, was run by the Sunday School team and the children, Amie, Polly and Lily. Ably assisted by the worship group and Jackie on computer.

It was a fun service, the puppets performed the song “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman and were well received.

The children took on their roles with enthusiasm and were impressive in their confidence and willingness to fully own this service on behalf of the Sunday School group. 

Why not have a look at the video of Amie, Polly and Lily singing 'If I were a butterfly'. They did a great job! 

Here's another video of Amie, Polly and Lily singing 'Let it Shine'.

The 'Puppets' feature at Carleton Rode Baptist Church

Pam Halstead has been working hard with the children (and some of the adults too) at the church to work with our latest members ... the puppets. Through the puppets we are learning God's word in a fun and entertaining way. Why don't you see for yourself? Have a look at a recent video taken in one of our services.

The Afternoon Tea event in November 2019 was a sellout!!! 50 places booked

lily spoilt for choicewhat a selectiona very enjoyable afternoon