Carleton Rode Baptist Church

A rural church in the heart of the community

Building project

The oldest part of our church building was built in 1811. It is a timber frame with a single brick cladding. 

Over the last 200 years, the frame has badly deteriorated and is in need of extensive repair. Investigative works have identified the extent of the problem, which involves replacing much of the oak sole plate and a significant amount of timbers followed by making good the interior walls and redecorating. 

The works are expected to cost  in the region of £90,000. A vast sum for a modest rural church to find. 

We started fundraising in September 2017 and by September 2018, we had raised £80,000.  This has been accomplished from a mixture of donations, collections and grants. In April 2018 we held a special Gift Weekend as part of our Anniversary celebrations and that raised a magnificent £8,000. We are so grateful to people for their generosity and to God for his faithfulness through this project.  


We are pleased to announce that the he builders began work on 24th September 2018 and hope to complete the work around the New Year.  That gives us 3 months to raise the final amount needed!  During this period, the Coffee Shop will remain open, with reduced seating, but the Community Meal will not be able to meet again until further notice.


Sunday Morning services will take place in Bunwell Village Hall – you are very welcome to come along and join us there! 

November 2018 - update

We are pleased to report that the building work at our church is progressing well. Please take a look at some photographs taken this week.

Building project 1

This photograph was taken inside the main hall of the church looking west. 

Building project 2

This is another image of the westerly wall of the main hall in the church. 

Building project 5

This image looks towards the back of the room and shows the balcony around the back and sides. The floor is covered in boards to protect the carpet.

Building project 7

This last image looks towards the easterly wall in the main hall and shows the mezzanine floor.

We hope that you find these photographs interesting and encouraging as the work progresses towards completion. 

February 2019 update

Latest building work - February 2019Unfortunately, the builders have discovered further problems with the timber framework of our chapel. It was found that some of the windows were allowing rain water to reach the framework, including the new timbers. So this had to be rectified, in this process it has been discovered that the framework supporting the windows has just rotted away. It now means most of the windows now need examining and remedial work undertaken. Not only will this mean further cost, but his additional work will also delay our return to the chapel. The latest estimate for our return is now Easter. We are very grateful to the architect and the builders,  who are doing such an amazing and thorough job.

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