Leadership team

We are very fortunate at Carleton Rode Baptist Church to have a committed and hard-working Leadership Team. We have five Church Deacons, some of whom have additional responsibilities within our church. They are introduced for you below.

Church Deacon

Richard Chapman

Richard Chapman

Church Deacon 

Jon Sale

John Sale

Church Deacon

Barry Gotts

Barry Gotts

Church Deacon & Secretary

Angie Bennett


Church Deacon & Treasurer

Beryl Dawson


Church Deacon & Coffee Shop Manager

Maureen Moore


Other Leadership Roles

Graveyard Secretary

Rosemary Kingsland


Coordinator for Trailblazers and Connect (Youth & Children's Work)

 Name and Photo to Follow

Responsible Person for Safeguarding

Jackie Peloe


Coordinator for The Loft

Steven Halstead


If you would like to contact any of our Leadership team, please click on this link to send us an email.