HOPE is an organisation which brings churches together in mission. The goal is to see individuals and communities in villages, towns and cities throughout the UK transformed by Jesus’ love.

HOPE’s dream is a growing church, showing Jesus’ love and telling the Jesus story, at the heart of every community – and there’s a sense, across the UK, that it’s time for a spiritual harvest. 

The local HOPE team was set up in the Pilgrim Benefice in 2008, made up of representatives from the local denominations, and since that time has been involved in a range of activities promoting the ideal of Christians working together in the community to present God’s love in word and deed.

Monthly Café Church sessions were held in the village halls for several years and occasional Praise and Prayer evenings in different church venues became regular events.

Over the years, the HOPE team has been involved in many activities including winter car checks, discipleship courses, Strawberry Tea, Fathers’ Day Events, Easter Big Breakfast, Barn Dances and a variety of music and drama events.